GIM Animal Health

Animals and animal’s health have become increasingly important in our society. Therefore the markets are becoming more and more tight. Innovations and adaptations wherever you look: in the FMCG pet food market, animal breeders, and veterinary medicine. In such an active and ever-changing market, developing a deeper understanding of your target groups and transfer this into actionable insights is essential.

GIM Animal Health has a great repertoire of methods and contents gathered from the areas of FMCG and pharmaceuticals.

We would like to draw your attention to the following:

  • Research with veterinarians and breeders, either at the clinic, the breeder’s, or the market research institute
  • Ethnographic research at the home of animal owners – including video
  • Workshops e.g. for product and concept development or brand positioning
  • Visualization of consumer logics and a product’s mechanism of action
  • Qualitative online research in specifically recruited communities
  • Storyboard and concept tests