Market research in the automotive industry

Automotive market research, an area established in the market for 30 years, has been an integral part of the research competence of our institute since its foundation. We do research for a broad client base from the automotive and utility vehicle sector, as well as for manufacturers of two-wheeled vehicles and for clients from the supply industry. Through systematic growth, both in terms of staff and of sales volume, GIM Automotive has evolved into one of the strongest sectors in the “GIM universe”.  

We offer relevant analyses and implementable recommendations for any research question related to product, brand, communication and target group. As far as methodology is concerned, GIM Automotive rests on two pillars: ad hoc research and tracking studies.

  • At the core of our ad hoc research are Car Clinics, mostly design and concept clinics, reaching from standardized to highly complex and multi-method projects. Besides, we enjoy exciting test drives with semi-autonomous vehicle prototypes, studies on the perception of fragrance in the vehicle interior, or ethnographic studies with electric vehicles. We develop a tailor-made study approach for any ad hoc study question. 

  • The subjects of our tracking studies are mostly brand image, product performance or the effectiveness of communication measures. Many tracking studies are conducted in more than 50 countries with up to 200,000 online interviews per year. Automated charting and dashboard reporting are standard at GIM.

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Why GIM Automotive?

  • We live automotive research! Our profound industry knowledge is pooled in highly specialized teams. Our “Automotive guys” are passionate researchers who think strategically and anticipate the challenges this industry will be facing
  • The power lies in the middle! We combine the global coverage of the “big players” with the agility of the “little ones”: Even without global branch offices, we are active internationally in all markets which are relevant to the automotive industry. We can rely on an excellent international network of handpicked project partners, which allows for the lean execution even of complex projects
  • We are many! We focus on the team, not on a “key accounter”, because it is in teams that the best ideas for the client are generated. And it is in teams that you find the appropriate solutions even to the most difficult issues.

Core Skills

  • Research on product, brand, communication and target group
  • Evaluation and market acceptance of vehicle concepts and features in the competitive environment (including pricing)
  • Target group research with ICU
  • Ethnographic research on usage, habits, routines and practices
  • After Sales
  • Perceived Quality Studies
  • Quantitative long-term studies (trackings) 
  • Fly-ins and Fly-outs
  • Data Management at Car Clinics
  • Automated charting and dashboard reporting


  • In-depth industry-specific know-how – automotive market research since 1987
  • International automotive market research
  • Specialized department with quantitative and qualitative competence including ethnological and psychological research
  • Numerous clinics per year – from standard to highly complex and VR
  • Well-rehearsed and experienced team
  • Long-term cooperation with almost all well-known automobile manufacturers



  • Car-Clinics (static, dynamic, VR)
  • Driving and handling tests
  • Individual interviews, focus groups, (creative) workshops, co-creation approaches
  • Ethnographic studies (living environments, in-home and in-car)
  • Self-documentation of everyday life and vehicle use


  • Tracking studies (product performance, brand image, communication, etc.)
  • KPI analyses
  • PSM