Tailored to your value chain! 

By means of our «beyond research»  solutions, we lay the foundation to help you make the right decisions in uncertain times.

Are you constantly improving your brands, products, and services and seeking to develop your marketing mix?

You can count on our support! We align our research with your value chain –which will get you to understand your target group better than ever before.

No matter what method or research design: At every stage, we provide you with precisely the insights that are essential for your success. Get to know our «Classics», «Specials», and «Beyonds»!

Our «Classics»

Our «Classics» are tried and tested solutions that we’ve been employing successfully for many years. The list is long - and yet all of these approaches have proved their value over and over again. Are you wondering which solution suits you best? We will be happy to advise you!

  • CATI / Telephone Interviews 
  • Cluster Analyses
  • Conjoint Analyses 
  • Expert Interviews 
  • F2F Interviews / CAPI 
  • Focus Groups / Group Discussions
  • GIM Value Visuals™ 
  • Home Use Tests
  • In-Home Interviews 
  • Innovation Workshops 
  • Creative Workshops 
  • Lead User Groups 
  • Marketing Mix Research (4P) 
  • Online Communities 
  • Online Interviews / CAWI 
  • RTR Method/Real-Time-Response 
  • (Online) Diaries 
  • In-Depth Interviews 
  • Video-Based Behavioural Analysis 
  • Virtual Reality 
  • Advertizing Media Tests (Ad Evaluation) 
  • Advertizing Impact Research (Ad Impact) 
  • Target Group Research

Our «Specials»

Our «Specials» are useful for addressing very specific questions. Some of these solutions certainly have a touch of «GIM Heritage» in them, as they’ve been part of our portfolio since day one - like ethnographic research, for instance.

Our «Beyonds»

Our «Beyonds» are solutions that go beyond «classic market research». Our competent teams are active in the following areas:

GIM analytics

GIM analytics creates maximum value from your data! To do this, we combine skills from data science and software development.

GIM analytics Website

GIM consult

GIM consult aligns your interests as a company with the requirements of your target group.

GIM consult Website

GIM c.o.r.e.

GIM c.o.r.e. examines your company culture and provides valuable insights for strategic HR management.

GIM c.o.r.e. Website

GIM direct

GIM direct is a subsidiary of GIM specializing in customer dialogue and feedback. Your trusted partner for all CX and CF topics!

GIM direct Website

GIM experience

GIM experience complements the classic UX KPI framework with a deeper understanding of consumers' emotions and motivations.

GIM experience Website

GIM foresight 

At GIM foresight, everything revolves around the future strategic direction of your brand and communication - always in line with the needs of your customers.

GIM foresight Website