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Ethnographic Research (GIM Ethno)

Environments and consumer habits - true to life

GIM is one of the pioneers in the field of ethnographic research. Ethnography is in our qualitative research DNA! 

GIM Ethno starts where people live and (inter-)act: at home, at the workplace, while shopping, in their free time. We examine the human environments and consumption behaviors live and in the moment. 

With the aid of GIM Ethno, we «breathe life» into certain consumer types that have been generated based on quantitative segmentations. 

For example, we may conduct interviews lasting several hours– or even several days – and on-site observations. That way, we receive an undistorted impression of what we need to know about people and their decisions: We dive directly into the everyday lives of consumers and experience their pains and needs first-hand.

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Eichmann Carola

Managing Director

GIM Suisse