This is how we do research:  IDEAL

Imaginative - Dedicated - Empathetic - Adaptable - Likeable

We are the IDEAL partner to answer your questions in various business fields!

IMAGINATIVE: Combining creatively

To us, being imaginative means developing creative solutions. How does this impact Simon’s work at GIM?

«At GIM, I integrate new research approaches into my daily work in order to arrive at the best possible solutions for our clients. By 'imaginative' I mean avoiding 'off-the-shelf' standard solutions and combining the new with the tried and tested in a targeted way – so that our clients arrive at precisely the insights they will need on their path to success.

At GIM Suisse, we combine a wide range of professional profiles and experience. This means that research questions are always examined from different perspectives. A real benefit!»

Eren Altun  | Junior Research Manager | GIM Suisse

DEDICATED:  Showing responsibility

To us, being dedicated means acting conscientiously and committedly. How does this impact Marieke’s work at GIM?

«What is particularly important to me: Delivering to my customers what I have promised them. For me, being 'dedicated' means showing full commitment and making sure it sticks: I really care about the details that can make all the difference for our clients' decisions.

GIM Suisse stands for independent research that, at times, goes beyond defaulting to the 'classic' approach. That, too, is 'dedication' to me: Anticipating which research design will yield the most valuable insights for our clients.»

Marieke Wünsche | Senior Research Manager | GIM Suisse

EMPATHETIC: Remaining human and approachable

To us, being empathetic means putting ourselves in our clients’ position. How does this impact Nina’s work at GIM?

«In the modern business world, everyone claims to be empathetic. This is precisely why I want to underline: In our profession, empathy really is crucial! In a way, the same goes for clients and study participants. But what does that even mean? To me, real empathy means taking the time to see things from my client’s perspective and proactively considering what would be of tangible use to the decision-makers involved. For this reason, I always 'think my way into' my clients’ challenges – because without really understanding where the problem is, market research will never be able to reach its full potential. 

This awareness unites us here at GIM Suisse – and that’s just one reason why I love working in this team!»

Nina Burger | Senior Research Manager | GIM Suisse

ADAPTABLE: Living openness and flexibility

To us, being adaptable means always being able to work well in new conditions. How does this impact Melanie’s work at GIM?

«To me, one of the most important values of GIM Suisse is adaptability. This doesn’t mean that we bend backwards - but it does mean that we react as flexibly as we possibly can to the challenges of our clients. It's no coincidence that our 'toolbox' keeps growing: Our mission is to ensure that we identify answers to our clients' questions at the cutting edge.

This is the GIM spirit: In the event of quick, last-minute changes to plans or unforeseen surprises, we virtually blossom. This attitude is what I have associated with GIM for years and years now!»

Melanie Fischer | Junior Research Manager | GIM Suisse

LIKEABLE: Being appreciative of each other

To us, being likeable means communicating in an appreciative way and always maintaining eye level. How does this impact Nino’s work at GIM?

«To be able to deliver excellent work, team spirit is indispensable! Our respectful interactions with one another helps us to bring out the best every day. It's not the least bit surprising to me that we often hear from our clients how visible our team spirit is – and that working with GIM Suisse is therefore all the more productive.

Because we all pull together - and you can tell. That’s the famous 'GIM Spirit'!»

Nino Russo | Junior Research Manager | GIM Suisse