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Concept Testing (GIM CONCEPT)

Preventing product flops: With systematic concept research and training

A concept consists of three elements that address your central research questions:

Insight: What is the specific «consumer insight» in the product context?

Benefit: What is the benefit of the product in relation to the insight? How relevant is it? Does the product have a USP in this respect?

RTB: How credible is the «sender» / the company behind the product? Why should consumers buy into the company's benefit promise?

The concept is therefore at the heart of product research – depending on the case, this can be anything from an abstract offer to a specific response to consumer needs.

We offer co-creation workshops with your target group to develop rough drafts. Concept labs can then be used as part of an iterative process to refine concepts and subject them to a reality check. Here we often work with illustrators who visualize the verbal statements of the target group, thus making them more tangible for everyone. 

Quantitative concept tests measure the attractiveness and market opportunities as well as optimization potential of concepts in a representative sample, which is frequently required to convince internal stakeholders of the urgency of measures debated.

We also offer our clients to write the concept in a consumer-friendly way. Thanks to countless concept research studies, we know the stumbling blocks and faux pas that can and should be eliminated even before testing.

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