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Shopper Research (GIM Shopper)

Deep Shopper Understanding in the Digital Era

If you aim to remain relevant as a provider of products and brands, you must think in «two worlds»: Online vs. offline and virtual vs. physical. GIM Shopper helps you analyze shopper behavior and understand consumers’ motives.

For three decades now, we have been putting the shopper in the spotlight of our research for you. From the very beginning, the aim of GIM Shopper Research was not only to register or record purchase behavior, but – above all – to understand it. And to do so where it generates relevance: directly at the point of sale, in real shopping situations and environments.

But that’s not all: We make a point of looking beyond the POS and connecting to other areas of shoppers' everyday consumption. In doing so, we also use our in-depth category knowledge beyond the POS and focus on orientation patterns, the purchase decision tree as well as product and brand perception and communication performance at the POS.

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Carola Eichmann

Managing Director

GIM Suisse