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Brand management in complex environments

GIM's brand research takes the fundamental function of brands in people's lives into account. Our view of brands is holistic, and we always relate our brand research to social developments, against which the orientation function of brands must ultimately prove itself. This opens up research paths for the development and examination of brands, their promises, and their target groups. This is why brand research at GIM is always closely linked to target group research and research into consumption situations.

Within the framework of GIM brand research, in addition to the classic qualitative and quantitative methods, we also take specialized approaches such as ICU™ Integrated Consumer Understanding as well as our brand model B®AND.

B®AND is based on the assumption that brands must fulfill three criteria: They must have a personality, they must express competence, and they must deliver a benefit. B®AND as a brand model is systematically linked to our target group model CONSUMER.  Both models combined yield the holistic brand-target group approach ICU™ Integrated Consumer Understanding.

Learn more about the B®AND brand model as part of ICU™ here.

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