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Understanding the dynamic change in values!

A product is much more than a product: Trainers, for example, are not purchased primarily for their comfort, cars not primarily for their technical features, and luxury foods not only for their taste. Rather, it’s all about authenticity, success, prestige, fun, harmony, fitness, and more. And thus: About values!

Values are guidelines in the lives of consumers and, at the same time, expressions of our culture and society. Frequently, values boil down to central questions such as: «What is important to me in life?», «What do I live by?», «Who/how do I want to be?», or «What is generally recognized and important?»

But valueresearch also serves successful brand management. Because values often guide the purchase of branded products: We assign certain values to a company’s products, because they are at the center of the image consumers have of brands. Knowing the values that guide your target groups is crucial for successful brand management. 

With the two research solutions GIM ICU - Integrated Consumer Understanding  and our think tank GIM Foresight, in which we get to the bottom of future value attitudes, we implement value-driven brand research to provide you with the most valuable of insights.

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