Market Research for RX/Prescription

Insights for a Complex Market

In today’s healthcare business, efficacy and tolerability of a medication are no longer guarantees to be successful. Not only that public regulation and economic restrictions set your agenda beyond the medical logic, you also need to understand and address the needs and beliefs of your target groups, be they healthcare professionals, independent patients or public stakeholders.

Only then you will leverage the full potential of your brands and products.

Our Prescription/RX team helps you with the right research services:

  • Expertise for key pharmaceutical markets worldwide
    Experience in all significant indications such as oncology, cardiovascular medicine, dermatology, diabetes, and infectious diseases.
  • Broad expertise with all relevant stake holders: physicians and opinion leaders, medical staff, pharmacists, and decision-makers at insurance companies, health insurances and hospitals.
  • Our research solutions support you across your product life cycle: from ideation and NPD  to staying successful on tight markets, from brand and product perception to developing and optimizing your communication, evaluate and optimize your multi-channel sales force or conduct your KPI tracking.
  • Our special focus lies on patient studies – from netnography of patient web-discourses to day-in-the-life studies with chronically ill patients.