Medical Devices/Diagnostics

Research with Users and Patients

In the area of medical devices/diagnostics, we offer you a broad spectrum of research types.Our approach reflects the special position of many medical devices in between RX and consumer health.

We support you across your product life cycle, from understanding usability aspects and the user side of devices, through brand perception and product need gaps, to optimizing your marketing mix and customer support.

Diversity of target groups:

  • End consumers/patients
  • Professional users: surgeons, dermatologists, dentists, diabetes consultants, radiology assistants, wound therapists, surgery assistants 
  • Special research with payers and decision-makers in the clinic and health insurance contexts 

Diversity of methods:

  • Usability research and ethnographic research directly in the usage context of equipment and materials
  • Monitoring of innovation processes from the identification of need gaps to the product launch
  • Workshops and studies for the development of concepts/product communication and for brand positioning
  • Qualitative online forums with target groups which are hard to reach otherwise
  • (Online/mobile) diary studies with end consumers of equipment and materials

Focusing on your Patients