Market Research for Public Institutions

Business development, cultural institutions, associations, political parties or state programs – nowadays public institutions are facing the challenge of positioning themselves successfully, knowing the expectations of their target groups and securing the sustainability of their financing. This is reflected in the increasing pressure to act in a target group-oriented and efficient way and in the call for continuous evaluation.

Research with tradition in the public sector and
non-profit sector.

  • Specialized research for the public sector and non-profit sector 

  • Research for national and international clients

  • Qualitative and quantitative research from a single source

  • Customer selection:

    • municipalities

    • administrative districts

    • embassies 

    • foundations

    • charities

    • parties 

    • statutory health insurances 

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How do we conduct research in the public sector?

Using proven methods of qualitative and quantitative market research, we provide a detailed picture of the current situation, for example the awareness, external view and acceptance of the institution as well as people's expectations. In addition, we provide concrete indications for optimizing communication and offers. Together with our customers, we derive concepts for further development from our research. You will find our future study Values & Visions 2030 here.


Some of our survey methods:

  • focus groups

  • individual interviews qualitative & quantitative

  • online interviews qualitative & quantitative

  • telephone interviews (CATI)

  • in-office conversations

  • secondary analyses / desk research

  • workshops

Broad target-group research:

  • decision-makers at company or institutional level

  • cooperation partners

  • experts (e.g. heads of research institutes, associations)

  • employees

  • clients