Market research for the energy industry

Against the backdrop of climate change, the energy sector is in the spotlight more than ever: Calls for «green energy» are growing louder and posing new challenges for energy companies.

Smart home, smart meter, energy efficiency, and electromobility are gaining more and more attention. As our GIM experts have known – and articulated – for many years: We're all in this together!

Given the historic changes in the sector, the significance of high-quality market research is obvious: to better and better understand what it takes to meet the needs of consumers as well as businesses.

Our fields of research:

  • Energy industry
  • Solar systems
  • Photovoltaics
  • Heat pumps
  • … and many more

Our target groups:

  • Consumers (B2C)
  • Energy companies (B2B)
  • … and many more

You can find a complete overview of our solutions here.

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