Financial market research for banks and insurance companies

The finance and insurance industry is in a constant state of change –not just since the emergence of various megatrends.

We at GIM Finance & Insurance recognized this early on: Market research must be highly dynamic in order to stay on top of permanently changing customer needs.

Service providers in these areas must deliver brand promises that meet precisely these needs: Those who take this challenge seriously will be rewarded with customer trust even and especially in «stormy times».

Our fields of research:

  • Banking & Insurance
  • Small / Medium / Large Banks
  • Private & public banks
  • Insurance companies
  • … and many more

Our target groups:

  • Bank/insurance customers (B2C)
  • Banks & Financial Service Providers (B2B)
  • HNWI (High Net Worth Individuals)
  • … and many more

You can find a complete overview of our solutions here.

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