Market research around household cleaning and washing

Washing and cleaning products are taken for granted in every household and are also an integral part of the GIM industry portfolio. As with all other FMCG, the challenges consist in the permanent pressure of innovation and competition and at the same time increasingly demanding customers and differentiated customer needs.

In an area with rather low consumer involvement, convincing the target group with new products and benefits can be a challenge. The call for intelligent, innovative product solutions and the change of traditional role models requires manufacturers to break new ground in terms of product development, communication and design. 

Our homecare specialists accompany you through the entire research process, from the generation of inspiring consumer insights to the testing of product concepts and communication approaches. 

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We contribute our cross-industry expertise in a productive way:

  • Intercultural competence: We provide a response to cultural differences, e.g. why Spanish homemakers are less prejudiced again disinfecting cleaning products than their German counterparts.

  • Awareness of cross-industry trends: We find out what needs from the beauty industry (keywords “vegan” or “free from”) can also become relevant in the homecare sector

  • Trends, visions and change in values – from the change in role models to the relevance of “smart home”-driven product innovations: Together with GIM future experts, we can locate new consumer needs in the overall context of the societal change in values. 

Based on a broad spectrum of methods, we offer a convincing, tailor-made research approach for your particular study questions. In an extremely short-lived segment, we understand flexibility, agility and viability as the central challenges.  

GIM offers you:

  • Knowledge of the industry and closeness to the consumer – worldwide: We accompany Italian consumers when they clean their bathrooms, or take a look at German closets and Swedish laundry rooms.

  • Flexibility: It is a matter of fact that we work fast, aim at obtaining research results which are viable, and always maintain the highest possible client orientation.

  • Variety: By means of a broad portfolio of methods, we conceive study designs which imply varied data gathering processes and exciting insights even in standard projects.

  • Client-centered presentation of results: Based on your requirements, we offer you not only variable options for the presentation of the results according to individual cost and time budgets, but also a tailor-made communication of the results in the form of review boards, workshops or poster sessions.