Market research for the energy industry

For quite some time, the energy industry has been top of the industrial nation’s sociopolitical and economic agendas. In Germany, the so-called “Energy Transition” in the year 2011 was the ultimate turning point.

The industry is right in the middle of a historical change: traditional business areas are restructured, renewable energy becomes established, innovative subsectors like energy efficiency or electric mobility are the trends. In the scope of these market changes, energy trading companies are reorganising their product and service portfolios, reassessing their corporate identities and adjusting their market strategies.

In this exciting phase, market research can support energy companies in manifold ways:

  • Understanding target groups: Identification of target groups in the sense of a qualification and quantification of basic consumer needs
  • Generation of results that can be operationalised: Identification of chances and risks for possible new target-group-specific products and communication
  • Assessing measures: Evaluating offers that already exist or are still to be developed in the light of different customer segments on the respective markets
  • Identifying chances for positioning/differentiation: Identification of promising market positionings in the competitive environment
  • Exploring branding strategies: Creating brand values for an abstract, “invisible” product
  • Identifying and implementing trends: Using well-tried methods to identify, assess and implement market-relevant consumer and industry currents

We have been conducting research for companies from the energy industry for years – with private and professional end users but also in the area of B2B with representatives from large and regional utility companies.

Our experience and expertise provides orientation for energy suppliers in the midst of this change and supports them to take the right decisions.


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