Financial market research for banks and insurance companies

In uncertain times, clients make particular demands on their financial service and insurance providers. Products, services and providers are examined in detail, the trust in the financial sector is hanging by a thread. At the same time, digitisation is creating new players and customer needs. In this situation it is important to be able to offer brand promises and services that adequately answer the clients' expectations of today and in future. Those who are able to even meet hidden expectations will be considered to be trustworthy and reliable partners in troubled times.

GIM Finance offers the insights that are important today: the decoding of target-group-specific trust codes, the segmentation of different financial client types, the translation of basic moods into specific product expectations and more. GIM offers all the information that financial providers need to know to be successful on the financial market today.

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Our research competences comprise of:

  • Baseline studies and target group analyses
  • Business models
  • Brand core analyses
  • Corporate identity
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Communication tests
  • Brochure tests
  • Insurance concepts
  • Product concepts
  • Live tests of consulting tools
  • Name- and term tests
  • Usability / UX-Tests

Our areas of expertise:

Insurances: Life- and annuity insurances, accident- and disability insurances, legal protection- and health insurances, property insurances like contents- and automobile insurance, building- and liability insurance etc.

Banks: Branch- and direct banking, business with private clients and PWM, investments and loans (with and without card), building saving and brokerage etc.

As well as a combination of both: Bancassurance