Insight Cycle – SPICE

Our clients constantly develop and improve their brands, products and services. They also permanently optimize the elements of their marketing mix in this regard.

Based on our SPICE Insight Cycles, we support our clients along these crucial development processes. This means we provide them with exactly the insights they need – relevant insights – at every single process stage.

With SPICE, we configure our research process along our clients’ value funnel, accompanying them either during the complete process or only at individual stages.


From our point of view, the basic understanding of markets, categories and consumers and/or their behavior and experiences in these markets is the starting point of any development. This requires, for examples, fundamental studies. The objective is to gain deeper market and consumer insights and thus a clear orientation for strategy or positioning.

Thus, Sense means: empathy for markets and consumers!


The second stage of SPICE is about identifying and defining objectives our clients‘ development processes can be oriented at. The classic objectives are target groups, but it is also possible to turn contexts, situations or consumer needs into objectives.

Thus, Profile means: identifying and outlining objectives!


In the third step of our SPICE research process, we conceive or “design” products, services or marketing mix elements which are to address the previously defined and outlined objectives as precisely as possible. This creative process can occur in the context of workshops, but also through the systematic combination of possible product features.

Thus, Ideate means: developing new ideas and perspectives!


Create is the fourth step of SPICE and is designed to optimize the ideas generated before, make a selection from different alternatives and finally implement these ideas. This often occurs in the framework of iterative processes during which the original ideas are improved over and over again until the final – optimal – solution is found.

Thus, Create means: selecting, optimizing and implementing ideas!


The final step of the SPICE process is the evaluation of the solution. The purpose of this stage is to verify whether the previously defined objectives are being - or have been - met. Of course, brands and products which are already established in markets can also be evaluated (repeatedly) to see whether they still represent an adequate solution and thus achieve the original benchmarks. If the result of this evaluation is negative, it can trigger a new development process.

Thus, Evaluate means: measuring and assessing!