Digital media conquer the living room: GIM Media Research

The use of digital media has become habitual and is embedded in a web of situational and social contexts. The simultaneous use of several different media outlets, the availability of identical content in different media, and the increasing number of so-called «touchpoints» raise ever more complex questions.

GIM offers diverse methods that enable you to gain a deeper understanding with regard to customers' media use. We analyze contexts, motives, and situations that play a role in customers' media use and thus lay the foundation for the intelligent designing of content, communication, and market positioning – based on the input of your specific target group.

Our fields of research:

  • Baseline studies on media use behavior, media target groups, and media content
  • Media convergence studies
  • Advertizing impact studies
  • Program monitoring
  • Format checks, concept and pre-tests, trailer tests, presenter tests
  • Music research, music positioning studies
  • Reader and subscriber studies, copy and zero tests
  • Strategic program consulting
  • UX (User Experience)

Our target groups:

  • Children, adolescents, young adults, GenZ, middle/best agers
  • Subscribers, competitor users, lapsed users, potential users, etc.
  • GIM value types, motive segments, media use and needs segments, personas

You can find a complete overview of our solutions here.

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