Mobility Market Research - GIM Move™

HoThe mobility of tomorrow - autonomous, interlinked, electric.

How will we be on the road tomorrow and the day after? What influence will digitalization and automation have on mobility? How will sharing services or self-driving vehicles affect mobility behavior in the future?

There is no doubt about it: Mobility is changing. The only question is: How fast and in what direction? In any case, this change is occurring amidst very specific customer needs, regulatory political measures, and growing competition between older and newer players on the mobility market. At GIM, we address the questions of how new mobility offers must be «structured» and which customer needs they must address in order to be successful.

Our fields of research:

  • Public transport: needs, expectations, fears and hopes of the population
  • Private transport: acceptance of self-driving cars, sharing offers (cars, scooters, bikes, etc.), brand positioning, perception of car brands…

Our target groups:

  • Population at all ages and life stages
  • Commuters, car drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, etc.
  • B2B: Dealers, service providers, etc.

You can find a complete overview of our solutions here.

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