Market research around care, cosmetics, fashion and baby products

The skin care and cosmetics, fashion and baby products sectors are likely to be among the best-researched consumer goods sectors. For this reason, the demands on speed and flexibility as well as the pressure to innovate are often particularly high. We also notice this in market research. With years of experience in these areas, innovative new research methods and great commitment, we are there for you and support you in every research question. We offer you: 

  • Flexible, committed, competent work in ad-hoc studies, basic studies and innovation research.
  • Sharp eye for details and "small" optimizations as well as for visions and the big picture.
  • Ethodological diversity that always allows for a new perspective and exciting new insights.
  • Good feeling for how research results can be communicated practically and actionably.


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Why GIM?

  • Safaris
    Safaris provide new insights into the supposedly familiar target group. It combines interviews about the respondents’ life worlds with visits to places typical of the respective target group and conversations with everyday experts. For example, when was the last time you did research in remote countryside regions? During a village Safari, you learn how trends are received far away from the big cities, how shopping works without a neighborhood shopping center, and how beauty is discussed in the countrywomen’s club.

  • Shopper Research
    The POS is still the central point for brand communication and thus for purchase decisions. In 20 years of shopper research, we have acquired comprehensive knowledge about categories and methodologies. We are working with qualitative interviewing and observation techniques which range from very simple – e.g. accompanied shopping or exit interviews – to highly complex – e.g. virtual surveys with VR glasses or WiFi tracking to record walking routes at the POS.

  • Qual-Quant Short Track
    The close interconnection between qualitative and quantitative research at GIM allows for very pragmatic and at the same time highly flexible research programs to test concepts, product ideas or product communication. A typical example is the screening of a variety of product ideas in a classroom approach, with a qualitative follow-up in a concept development workshop and the subsequent quantification in an online panel – all this in three weeks from the onset of the study to the reporting of results, based on a procedure precisely adjusted to your needs.

  • Workshopping
    An aspect which is just as important as good market research is the communication of the results to the company. Teams with frequently changing members, the high pressure of innovation and the increasing need for information going beyond the classic reporting of results make workshops an important communication tool. In this context, we offer formats as diverse as Review Boards, in which we review and process the diversity of research results at your company together with you, or  Market Place Workshops, where we develop and fine-tune new ideas together with consumers.