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How will we travel in the near future and beyond? What will people’s mobility behavior be like in global metropolises, medium-sized cities, but also in rural areas? How will digitalization and automation influence mobility? And is car sharing just a hype or the future of mobility?

There is no doubt that mobility is undergoing change. The only question is, how fast and in what direction? Because this change is occurring somewhere in-between very concrete customer needs, regulatory policy measures and the increasing competition between old and new players in the mobility market. From Tokyo to London and Cologne, people’s mobility behavior is still relatively traditional and stable. It is part of our cultural socialization, and changes happen very slowly. Yet, at the same time, many political gatekeepers have come to realize that motorized individual traffic in cities is reaching its limits. Regulations mostly affect the automotive industry, which is why old and new, technology-oriented suppliers are struggling to occupy the niches in the mobility market.

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Why GIM Move?

  • Model “Choice of Means of Transport”
    Based on our longstanding research experience in the area of people’s mobility choices, we have developed a model which allows us to explain the individual and situational choice of a particular means of transport and to make forecasts in this regard. With this model, we can, for example, identify the relevant determining factors for the elaboration of a new mobility concept (see figure).
  • “ICU Mobility Segmentation”
    With the GIM Segmentation approach ICU (Integrated Consumer Understanding), we have developed a mobility segmentation method which we have validated in an international study.  
  • “Cultural Brokerage”: Global research and interpretation
    Mobility is not only an issue of infrastructural framework conditions, but also of the (mobility) culture of a country. With our “Cultural Brokerage” approach, we conduct culturally sensitive analyses of drivers, barriers and needs regarding mobility and mobility concepts in all relevant markets.
  • Connection with GIM Future Research
    In cooperation with the GIM Future team, we derive scenarios and fields of activity of future business models in the area of everyday mobility.  
  • Innovation made by GIM: Integration of research and conception 
    With tailor-made workshops and Design Thinking processes, we develop new concepts and mobility offers and services, as well as design routes for particular means of transport, based on our research results. For this purpose, we frequently work with lead users specifically recruited for each project.

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