Market Research in the field of Telecommunication and Information Technology

New technologies and new players make the
telecommunication market dynamic.

We find out which innovations enthuse consumers
and which ones put them off.

The markets for telecommunication (TC) and information technology (IT) have always been characterised by a great level of innovativeness. On top of that, frequent new technological developments and new providers entering the markets make them even more dynamic: Established companies must face new competitors, industries merge, brand loyalty becomes weakened, the price pressure increases. It has hence become even more important for companies to offer the right products and services and to detect trends as early as possible.   
For this purpose, companies must identify and understand their customers‘ needs, align them with technically feasible solutions and, at the same time, adequately address technical and psychological concerns.

We offer support for all your research projects – for example:

  • Target group understanding

  • Customer journey studies

  • Concept and idea tests

  • Communication tests

  • Price tests

  • Usability studies / UX-Tests

  • Brand and image studies

  • Customer satisfaction studies

  • Sales processes

We do research on a national and on an international level, with B2C and B2B target groups and with employees of information and communication technology companies.


Our methods comprise the entire portfolio of research approaches in all forms and shapes (online, personal, via telephone, written, mobile):

  • Qualitative research (from traditional group discussions to ethnographic interviews to online communities)

  • Quantitative research (from traditional surveys to conjoint analyses to tracking)

  • Workshops (from idea workshops to co-creation to internal implementation workshops)

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