Purchase behavior in the retail trade

The POS is the decisive place for manufacturers to compete for customers.

Because only here, at the point of truth, do consumers come into contact with products and brands in the entire competitive field. But the increasingly price-driven retail sector is also challenged to position itself by means of innovative concepts.

Shopper Research by GIM helps you to analyze and understand shopper behavior. And we conduct it where the action is: directly at the point of sale.

Our fields of research:

  • Shopper behavior with independently developed models of purchase processes (GIM Shopper Missions & Strategies)
  • Analysis of orientation behavior with modern eye-tracking technology (live observation)
  • Exit and in-depth interviews and group discussions at the POS
  • Store checks with shoppers and retail staff
  • Touchpoint analyses in-store including attention tracking (e.g. digital signage, secondary placements)
  • Touchpoint analyses in terms of ROBO strategies (research online, buy offline & other techniques)
  • Documentation and exploration of shopper behavior through digital journals, tracking apps, intercepts, and accompanied shopping including mobile eye tracking
  • Controlled Store Tests
  • Creative workshops for the further development of POS tools
  • 360° simulation of shelves (virtually and physically)
  • Researching purchase decision trees (retrospective)

Our target groups:

  • B2C: Shoppers, online and offline, mystery shoppers
  • B2B: Category management, dealers, service providers, sales staff

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